Create a Paywall

Let's create the following no-code in-app paywall:

1. Provide the screen name

  1. Navigate to the Remote Config section of Qonversion's Dashboard
  2. Select the Screens tab and click Create
  1. Provide the screen name

2. Set background color and choose localisations you support

  1. Click the background field and choose or insert your colour code. It's #5352ED in the case below.

  1. Choose localisations you support. You need to fill in corresponding text values further.
    • Our SDKs parse the default devices' locales and choose either the matching value or the default one.

3. Create the UI

Let's start with Restore and Close buttons

  1. Add a Button by clicking on the + Button label. By default, elements use the entire screen's width with small side margins.

  1. Adjust button properties and set the Restore action
    • You can copy created element, delete it, scale or move using actions from the context menu

  1. After adding the Close button, Title, Image and Text, let's proceed to purchase buttons:

  1. Link the subscription start button with the Make a purchase action

  1. Add the monthly subscription purchase button and Terms of use link.
    That's it, the paywall is ready. Congratulations!