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New Users Overview

This chart shows the number of new users detected by Qonversion SDK for the first time.
Suppose you have integrated Qonversion SDK into the existing app with some active user base. In that case, those users will be counted towards new users (Installs) the first time they open the updated version of your app with Qonversion SDK. In that case, you can expect to see a higher number of installs in the first days after you have integrated Qonversion SDK.
If you integrate Qonversion SDK into your app from the first release, the data on new users who first opened the app will be accurate immediately.


New users (Installs) - Mobile app analytics | Qonversion

New-User-to-Trial Conversion

Calculated as the number of trial start events divided by the number of installs.
β†’ Numerator: Trial started events attributed to users who installed an app during the selected period
β†’ Denominator: Installs for the selected period


Install conversion to free trial - Mobile Analytics - Qonversion

New-User-to-Paid Conversion

This chart shows what percentage of all new users are converting to paying customers, including the conversion split by type of initial purchase:

  • Trial converted (the user initially started a trial, and that trial successfully converted)
  • Subscription Started (the user started a subscription without a trial period)
  • In-App Purchase (the user made a one-time non-recurring in-app purchase)
    The conversion is calculated as the ratio:
    β†’ Numerator: trials converted events + subscription (without trial) started events + non-recurring in-app purchase events attributed to the install date for the selected period
    β†’ Denominator: Installs for the selected period

Conversion to paying customers - Mobile app analytics | Qonversion