Raw Data Export

Download your raw subscription events for the specific period, schedule report sending to your Email, Slack channel or Webhook.

To export the data:

Select Export Data from the menu.

  1. Select the period at the top right corner.
  2. Select the events sorting option for the export. There are two options available:
  • sort by Transaction date (date of an event according to app stores)
  • sort by Event receive date (date of an event detected by Qonversion). Using this option, you can ensure that no new events will appear for the selected period if another export is performed sometime later.
  1. Click the Download button or send the download link to your email.


Generating your export file may take some time, depending on the file size.

Raw Data Export Fields

Event DateDate and time Qonversion tracked the event
Transaction IDStore Transaction ID
Transaction DateApp Store transaction date and time
Event NameEvent name like Subscription Started or Trial Started. Learn more.
App NameYour App name in Qonversion
PlatformiOS or Android
App IDYour App ID in Qonversion
Product IDProduct ID in App Stores
Subscription GroupSubscription group in App Stores
CurrencyCurrency of the underlying product
PricePrice of the underlying product
ProceedsPrice excluding App Stores commission (-15% or -30%)
Price USDPrice of the underlying product converted to USD
Proceeds USDPrice excluding App Stores commission converted to USD
[Deprecated] RefundApp Store refund date. Follow to Subscription Refunded events to understand whether transactions were refunded. Transaction ID and Transaction Date fields in these events contain the base transaction ID and refund date, respectively.
Q User IDUser ID in generated by Qonversion
User IDExternal user ID set using CustomUserId from User Properties.
DeviceDevice type
Device IDDevice ID
LocalDevice language
CountryISO 3166-1 alpha-2 – two-letter country codes
OS VersionOperating System version
Install DateInstall date and time
Media sourceSource of the ad (ad provider/advertising network) by which the customer was acquired.
CampaignAdvertising campaign
Ad setA set of advertising offers
AdAdvertising offer
App versionUser's app version
SDK versionUser's Qonversion SDK version
User propertiesAttributes you set using Custom User Properties.

Example: {""_q_fb_anon_id"": ""ZZZZE22V4T-14FF-4562-845E-333V86BATEEE"", ""_q_custom_user_id"": ""1555235760300-6102200"", ""_q_appsflyer_user_id"": ""1645555760360-6154600""}
Event Receive DateDate the event was received by Qonversion