App Store Small Business Program

Set up your App Store Small Business Program details in Qonversion

1. Apple Small Business Program Overview

  • Existing developers who made up to 1 million USD in proceeds in 2020 for all their apps, as well as developers new to the App Store, can qualify for the program and the reduced commission. Navigate to your App Store Connect account to apply.
  • If a participating developer surpasses the 1 million USD threshold, the standard commission rate will apply for the remainder of the year.
  • If a developer’s proceeds fall below the 1 million USD threshold in a future calendar year, they can re-qualify for the 15% commission the year after.
  • Developers must identify any Associated Developer Accounts to determine proceeds eligibility.

You can find the details of the program here. Enrollment is currently opened for the program.

2. Set up Small Business Program details in Qonversion

Qonversion can accurately calculate your app's proceeds after excluding Apple's commission taking into account your participation in the Small Business Program. You can choose to send the proceeds to any integration you use.

Navigate to your project settings dashboard in Qonversion

You have to set the dates for your participation in the Small Business Program for each project you have with Qonversion. So if you have a number of apps don't forget to provide the details for each of them.


Settings: Small Business Program

Select the dates for your participation in the program

Set the end date to the end of the next year if you don't expect to quit the program earlier. If at some point in time you chose to quit the program or you exceed the $1M threshold don't forget to update the end date in Qonversion. Apple's commission after the end date will be calculated at a standard Apple rate.


Input the period of your participation in the program.

Please note that if you chose the start date earlier than the current date, Qonversion will not resend the data to integrations to avoid any duplicates.