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Send your in-app subscription data to destinations like AppsFlyer, Amplitude, and other major mobile platforms.

Qonversion sends subscription events, including purchases, subscriptions after free trials, renewals, refunds, and others to the integrated partners. This allows you to power your marketing and attribution platforms, as well as product analytics and retention tools, with accurate in-app subscription data.

Qonversion validates user receipts directly with App Stores and tracks in-app revenue even if a user doesn't open your app. This allows you to have accurate subscription data of each subscription plan with 100% accuracy.

See the list of the events Qonversion tracks and sends to the integrated partners below.

Tracked Events

The following section describes each event type Qonversion tracks and sends to third-party services.

Event name


Has Value

Trial Started

A user starts a trial.

Trial Converted

A trial converts to regular auto-renewable subscription.


Trial Canceled

A trial is canceled. Cancellation can occur when a subscriber turns off auto-renew.

Trial Billing Retry

A trial went to a billing retry state. It happens if App Store was not able to charge a user for any reason.

Trial is active 3 days after started

A user did not cancel the trial three days after the trial started. This event could be useful for marketing optimization.

Subscription Started

A user started a subscription.


Subscription Renewed

A subscription was renewed.


Subscription Upgraded

A user purchases a subscription that offers a higher level of service than their current subscription.

Subscription Refunded

A user receives a refund for his previously made purchase.


Subscription Canceled

A user turns off auto-renew, or when the App Store can not charge a customer in a billing retry state.

Subscription Billing Retry

A Subscription went to a billing retry state.

In-App Purchase

An in-app purchase occurred.



Qonversion sends revenue value for some events. Please see the value column. Refund values are negative.

Configure Integrations

Configure Integrations

Each integration has the following settings, that affect all events sent in this integration:

  • Send revenue properties
    By default, it should be turned on. If you turn off this toggle, you will not receive revenue values to this integration. We recommend to send values, so do not turn it off unless you don't need Qonversion to send revenue values.

  • Send sales as proceed
    Chose if you want to send revenue values net of App Stores commission (default) or gross (before deducting App Stores commission) by switching "Send sales as proceed" toggle.

  • Send sandbox events
    Turn on the "Send sandbox events" toggle if you want to receive sandbox events from Qonversion to this integration while testing the integration.

Event time

Qonversion is able to set the exact time when an event occurs for most of the events. For example, when App Store or Google play received the payment from a user.
But some events do not have the exact time. The event time for such events is set equal to the time when Qonversion detected the event while checking a user receipt. Here is the list of such events:

  • Trial Canceled
  • Trial Billing Retry
  • Subscription Canceled
  • Subscription Billing Retry
  • Trial Still Active

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Send your in-app subscription data to destinations like AppsFlyer, Amplitude, and other major mobile platforms.

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