Sandbox Data

Test in-app purchases and subscriptions after implementing Qonversion SDKs

1. View Test Data

You can see the test in-app purchase events in Qonversion by switching on the Test View Data on the left side menu at the bottom. You will see the Test Mode alert at the top of all of the dashboards when you are using the Test View. Don't forget to switch it off when you have finished testing.


Make sure to use a device (not a simulator) when testing iOS purchases.


View Sandbox Purchases

You can set the flag with SDK to distinguish sandbox and production users. To see the sandbox users turn on the Viewing test Data toggle in Qonversion Dashboard

[Qonversion setDebugMode];


Note: You have to set the debug mode before initializing Qonversion SDK. Do not use debug mode in production. Delete this method before releasing your app to an app store.

Please note, sandbox subscriptions renew at an accelerated rate and will auto-renew six times before unsubscribing the subscriber. This enables you to test how your app handles a subscription renewal and a subscription lapse.

Subscription DurationApple Test Subscription RenewalGoogle Test Subscription Renewal
1 week3 minutes5 minutes
1 month5 minutes5 minutes
2 months10 minutes
3 months15 minutes10 minutes
6 months30 minutes15 minutes
1 year1 hour30 minutes

2. Send Test Events to the Integrations

You can test an integration by sending test events into it. Navigate to the integration you want to test and switch on the Send sandbox events toggle. Don't forget to turn it off once you completed the testing to avoid having test data.


Send Test Events To Integrations

3. Testing Checklist

☑️ Make sure you can see the test trials and test subscriptions on your Real-time Dashboard.

If you see the test subscriptions, that means the integration with App Stores is correct. Qonversion adds purchases to dashboards only after validating them with Apple or Google.
If you can't see any test subscriptions with View Test Data on after making a purchase, check the App-Specific Shared Secret for iOS app and Service Account Key for Android App in your project settings.

☑️ Check that your test events have been delivered to your integrations.

Make sure to turn on the "Send sandbox events" toggle in the integrations you want to test before making a purchase. You can see the last events that have been sent to active integration in the Events Dashboard on the left side menu. You can see the status of each event by clicking on it. Make sure that the event was delivered. In case you see an error message, check your integrations setting.