Analyze your subscriber's data

The Customers dashboard provides the data for a cohort of users acquired in the selected time period. For example, if you chose Jan 1 to Jan 30 date range, you will get the metrics for the cohort of users acquired during this period.


Note: you need to provide a User ID to the search bar to display a user who made only a one-off in-app purchase. Only users with subscription products are shown in this dashboard by default.

Available Metrics

All metrics in this section relate to a cohort of users acquired in the selected time period.

  1. Active Trials: The number of trials active as of today.

  2. Canceled Trials: The number of trials canceled as of today.

  3. Active Subscribers: The number of subscriptions active as of today.

  4. Churn Subscribers: The percentage of users that canceled a subscription.

  5. Billing Retry: The number of subscribers in the billing retry state as of today.

  6. Avg. Payment Count: The total number of payments divided by the number of users that converted after a free trial or started a subscription.

  7. Sales: The total revenue before App Stores commission from users acquired in the selected time period including renewals and net of refunds.

  8. Average Price: The total revenue divided by the total number of payments.

Customers DashboardCustomers Dashboard

Customers Dashboard

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