Analyze your subscriber's data

The Customers dashboard provides the data for a cohort of users who made payments in the selected period. For example, if you chose the Jan 1 to Jan 30 date range, you will get the metrics for the cohort or paying users acquired during this period based on their subscription start date or the one-time purchase date.

Available Metrics


Customers Dashboard

Active TrialsThe number of trials active to date.
Active SubscribersThe number of subscriptions active to date.
Billing RetryThe number of subscribers in the billing retry state to date.
SalesThe total revenue before App Stores commissions from users acquired in the selected period, including renewals, one-time payments, and net refunds.
Canceled TrialsThe percentage of started trials canceled to date.
Churn SubscribersThe percentage of users that have canceled a subscription to date.
Avg. Payment CountThe total number of payments divided by the number of users that converted after a free trial, started a subscription or made a one-time purchase.
Avg. Payment ValueThe total revenue divided by the total number of payments.


All metrics in this section relate to a cohort of trial or paying users acquired in the selected period based on either the subscription start date or the one-time purchase date