How Qonversion Works

Qonversion provides the complete toolset to build, analyze, and grow your mobile subscription business. There are two modes of using Qonversion:

1. Infrastructure Mode

Use Qonversion SDK methods to create and restore in-app purchases, and to manage user access to the premium features. Qonversion validates user receipts and provides your app with an accurate subscription status. You can quickly implement in-app subscriptions and purchases, no headaches with StoreKit, no need to build your own server for validating subscriptions.

→ See the details of setting the SDK and making purchases in Infrastructure mode.

2. Observer Mode

Use Qonversion with your existing in-app subscription flow to get comprehensive subscription analytics and user engagement tools, and send the data to the leading marketing, analytics, and engagement platforms.

→ See the Observer mode quick start guide.


Infrastructure Mode includes Observer Mode

You can use both modes, or pick what you need. Infrastructure Mode includes everything from Observer Mode. In case you already have in-app subscriptions implemented and not ready to change your current in-app subscription flow, use Observer Mode.

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