Google Ads

Optimise your Google App campaigns based on Qonversion events

Qonversion enriches Firebase data with the corresponding integration allowing you to both optimise your Google Ads campaign leveraging Qonversion revenue events or launch interest-based advertising.

1. Link Firebase to Qonversion

Here we have a quick overview of all the necessary steps:

  1. Connect Firebase SDK to your App
  2. Create Data Stream in Google Analytics
  3. Provide us with FirebaseAppInstanceId, Firebase App ID and Measurement Protocol API secret

More details you can find on the following page

2. Link you Firebase project with your Google Ads account

To successful setup, you need to perform four steps:

  1. Open the Firebase project setting menu.
  2. Follow to the Integrations tab.
  3. Link Google Ads to your Firebase project.
  4. On the Events tab, In the row for Qonversion events, turn on the switch in the Mark as conversion column.

More details you can find in the following links:

  1. Link your Google Ads account to the Firebase project
  2. Enable Firebase events as conversions
  3. Use Firebase events as conversion events in Google Ads
  4. Target audiences using Firebase data

3. Leverage the robust Qonversion infrastrucure

Congratulations! Now Qonversion helps you not just successfully process subscription purchases and renewals but also allows you to increase your Ads performance via optimising campaigns by Trial Started, Trial Converted, Subscription Started, Subscription Renewed and other events.