Paywall experiments

A/B testing to validate your monetization hypothesis for every paywall element from UI to pricing

Qonversion Experiments are designed for revenue-focused A/B testing for subscription apps to quickly discover if new pricing, paywall UI, or even new onboarding flow positively impacts your app's revenue. Qonversion Experiments can be used with your existing subscription payments flow. You can start running advanced subscription app experiments to validate your growth hypothesis in under 30 minutes.

Paywall A/B Testing for subscription apps | Qonversion

1. Flexible variants configuration

Our goal is to provide as flexible variants configuration as possible:

  • Experiments' in-app values allow you to set up any appearance of your app's paywall and even the onboarding steps before the paywall if required.
  • Variant weights allow you to decide what share of your users are exposed to each variant. You are not limited to a default evenly split strategy.

Learn more about variant configuration.

Paywall A/B Experiment

2. Target the right user segments

Qonversion A/B testing offers flexible user segmentation:

  • Test hypotheses for specific countries to find the most effective pricing strategy.
  • Target either new users or particular subscription owners to determine which introductory offers and upgrades work best.
  • Run A/B testing for a specific share of your active users to be able to run several experiments simultaneously.
  • And other options.

3. Analyze experiment results

We believe each experiment should be analyzed in two ways:

  • With a strict focus on the primary metric you aim to improve. Avoiding data peeking and reducing correlated metrics noise are crucial to making accurate decisions during data collection.
  • With convenient access to all the data including all relevant subscription metrics. So you can be 100% sure when you accept or reject the hypothesis.
Paywall experiment measurement

Learn more about how we help analyse experiments.

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