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User Identifiers

Set User ID for your app with in-app subscriptions

User identity is an essential component of a mobile application with an in-app subscription. Each subscriber has a User ID that identifies them within your app. You can get an accurate subscriber's status using Qonversion and the correct User ID.

Qonversion creates a unique User ID for every device. That value is being saved on the device and on the Qonversion server simultaneously and could be recovered even if a user reinstalls your app.
To use Qonversion User ID call the launch method with completion. You can use Qonversion User ID for third party integrations or other purposes like matching data from webhook notifications to your server.

Qonversion.launch(withKey: "projectKey") { (result, error) in
    // Use Qonversion User ID for your needs
    // result.uid
[Qonversion launchWithKey:@"projectKey" completion:^(QNLaunchResult * _Nonnull result, NSError * _Nullable error) {
  // Use Qonversion User ID for your needs
  // [result uid];

Your Side User ID

Additionally, Qonversion SDK provides an asynchronous method to set your side User ID that can be used to match users in third-party integrations:

Qonversion.launch(withKey: "projectKey")
[Qonversion launchWithKey:@"projectKey"];
[Qonversion setUserID:@"yourSideUserId"];
Qonversion.initialize(this, "ApplicationKey", "yourSideUserID");

Reset Qonversion User ID

Call resetUser() method if you want to reset Qonversion User ID and create a new one on Qonversion side:

[Qonversion resetUser];
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User Identifiers

Set User ID for your app with in-app subscriptions

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