App Store Offer Codes

Redeeming Apple Offer Codes

Users on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later can redeem offer codes on the App Store through a one-time code redemption URL or within your app if you’ve implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API.

Apple recommends using offer codes directly in your app via a redemption sheet.

Present the Offer Code redemption sheet to allow your users to redeem Offer Codes.

[[Qonversion sharedInstance] presentCodeRedemptionSheet]


Set up offer codes

Set up the offer codes before testing. See the details on setting up offer codes here.

Handling Results

If you need to get the results immediately after a user enters a promo code, please check the deferred purchases documentation.
If a promo code was successfully applied, checkEntitlements() returns the updated entitlements.