Apple Server-to-Server Notifications

Enabling Server-to-Server Notifications from the App Store to Qonversion

Qonversion checks user receipts regularly and does not require server-to-server notifications from Apple. But using the server-to-server notifications can help deliver subscription events faster.

Get Notification URL

Navigate to your Qonversion project settings. Copy the server-to-server notification URL.

Configure App Store

  • Sign in to App Store Connect and select your app.
  • Navigate to the App Information section.
  • Paste the URL you got from Qonversion into the Production Server URL field.
  • Choose Version 1 or Version 2 for Server Notifications URL.
  • Click Save at the top of the page.

Proxy URL

Set proxy URL to receive all incoming Apple Notifications on your side, proxying through Qonversion infrastructure. That could be useful if you want to handle Apple's server-to-server notifications on your server additionally to the Qonversion service.