Send in-app subscription and purchase events to your server with webhooks

Qonversion validates user receipts with app stores and sends subscription events to your HTTP endpoints.
Keep in mind events delivery time when using webhooks to manage subscriber statuses on your back-end. Webhook events are delivered within 20 to 120 seconds of the event occurring. Please consider using checkEntitlements method of Qonversion SDK to get real-time subscription status on the client-side.

1. Set up the webhook URL

  1. Navigate to the Integrations section in your Qonversion account and select Webhooks.
  2. Register your URL and Qonversion will send a request
  3. Press the "Add new integration" or "Save" button. If the endpoint server returns a 200 response code, the integration is activated.

2. Request format

Qonversion sends POST request to webhook URL every time an event occurs. The request header contains Authorization-Token Value as Basic authorization field. Use that to protect your server from unwanted requests.


SSL certificate

Remember, maintaining secure connections is essential for the integrity and reliability of your application's communication.

Ensure the SSL certificate used is not expired and your server's CA bundle is up-to-date to recognize the latest root CAs.

Request Header:

Authorization: Basic {Header Authorization-Token}
Accept: application/json

Request Body:

   "event_name": "trial_converted",
   "user_id": "3YjIDEUDaf_5g4IdWw6zcMlLgfg_YQp2",
   "custom_user_id": "",
   "identity_id": "",
   "advertiser_id": "9FD1767D-8B48-45BD-A2F4-1C08B08E56F2",
   "time": 1600000000,
   "created_at": 1600000000,
   "product_id": "com.myapp.subs.9.99.trial",
   "revenue": {
      "value": 7.99,
      "value_usd": 9.99,
      "currency": "GBP",
      "is_proceed": 0,
      "proceeds_rate": 70  
   "price": {
      "value": 7.99,
      "value_usd": 9.99,
      "currency": "GBP"
   "transaction": {
      "transaction_id": 500000601234560,
      "original_transaction_id": 500000601234560,
      "expires": 1600259200,
      "grace_period_expires": null,
      "transaction_date": 1600004000
   "properties": {
      "_q_email": "[email protected]"
   "device_id": "0E66565D-4F3A-E366-B3D4-B5DDAC6BBE2E",
   "app_version": "2.1.4",
   "sdk_version": "3.1.0",
   "environment": "production",
   "platform": "iOS",
   "ip": "",
   "country": "GB",
   "old_product_id": "com.myapp.subs.4.99.trial",
   "new_product_id": "com.myapp.subs.9.99.trial",
   "locale": "en_US",
   "subscription_group": "784563",
   "user_install_date": 1600000000,
   "project_name": "Sample App",
   "app_id": "com.sample.app",
   "subscription_renew_count": 5,
   "entitlements": [
       "active": true,
       "expires": 1654215637,
       "id": "plus",
       "product": {
         "product_id": "main",
         "subscription": {
           "current_period_type": "normal",
           "renew_state": "will_renew"
       "source": "stripe",
       "started": 1652438020
event_nameyesEvent name provided in the integration config.
See the details on the events tracked here
user_idyesUnique user identifier assigned by Qonversion
custom_user_idyesUnique user identifier that you can set with Qonversion SDK methods: User Identifiers
identity_idyesUnique user ID for the authenticated users that you can set using identify method of the Qonversion SDK
advertiser_idyesIDFA or AAID
timeyesThe time an app store changed a subscription status or a time Qonversion detected the change in the UNIX epoch time format in seconds. Read more about events time here
created_atyesThe time Qonversion generated the event
product_idyesApp Store or Google Play Store product identifier
revenueyesDictionary with transaction revenue details. Only events with value filled
priceyesDictionary containing the price details of the product
transactionyesDictionary with store transaction IDs and expiration timestamp
propertiesyesUser properties provided by SDK. Read more about user properties here
device_idyesidentifierForVendor or Settings Secure Android ID.
app_versionnoApplication version.
sdk_versionnoQonversion SDK version.
environmentyes"production" or "sandbox".
platformyes"iOS" or "Android".
ipyesApplication device IP address.
countryyesA two-letter code representing a country, defined by the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard.
old_product_idnoPrevious product (for product change events).
new_product_idnoNew product (for product change events).
localeyesA two-letter code representing a device language based on the device locale.
subscription_groupyessubscription_group_identifier for iOS or Google base_plan_id for Android.
user_install_dateyesTimestamp when the user last installed the application.
project_nameyesThe project name of your app from the Qonversion dashboard.
app_idyesStore App Id. App Store ID for iOS or Android Package Name for Android.
subscription_renew_countyesThis represents the total number of times a user's subscription has been renewed.
entitlementsyesArray of granted user entitlements. Entity's fields are synchronized with our public API.

Revenue and price fields

There are 3 fields that contain transaction details:

  • The revenue field contains a dictionary with details depending on your integration setting Send sales as proceed.
  • The price field always contains a gross price that is charged to a user.
  • The transaction field contains params of the transaction related to the event.


valueyesValue in user's currency
value_usdyesValue in USD
currencyyesThree-letter ISO currency code
is_proceedyes1 – if value and value_usd are net excluding app stores' commission;
0 - if values are before deducting app stores commission;
proceeds_rateyes70 or 85; Proceeds rate that developer receives after deducting app stores commission.


valueyesValue in user's currency
value_usdyesValue in USD
currencyyesThree-letter ISO currency code


transaction_idyesTransaction_id from App Store (e.g. 521456677817903) or Play Store (e.g. GPA.4563-9870-7648-87395)
original_transaction_idyesTransaction_id from App Store (e.g. 521456677817903) or Play Store (e.g. GPA.4563-9870-7648-87395)
expiresyesExpire timestamp for purchase, prolong or product change events, event timestamp for refund or upgrade events.
grace_period_expiresyesGrace period expiration timestamp.
This field returns the timestamp for the grace period expiration.
transaction_dateyesTimestamp when the transaction was made.


For the Billing Issue, Trial Canceled, Subscription Canceled, Subscription Upgraded events, the transaction_id field will be the same as for the previous related event.
For the Subscription Renewed, Subscription Downgraded, Subscription Product Changed events, we're sending a newer transaction_id.

Retries between Qonversion and Destination Server

Qonversion increases the delivery rate to your server with retries. Retries happen automatically if your server is not responding. This substantially improves the data delivery rate.
Qonversion retries failed destination calls for 24 hours with an increased delay after each attempt. Retries have the following schedule:

25 minutes
34 hours
48 hours
524 hours