Users and Access

Users and Access section to manage the team roles in your Qonversion project.

To add users or to change user access level, navigate to the Account section and select Users and Access tab.


User Roles

AdminThe account holder. Can access:
- the payment/billing information
- plan changes/upgrades
- add/remove users
- add/remove integrations
- manage Product Center
- manage Automation & A/B Testing
- has visibility of the API Keys & Secret Keys for integrations.
ManagerLike Admin without access to payment/billing information.
Developer- Has access to API Keys
- Can manage Product Center
- Does not have access to Integrations Settings
Analyst- Has access to the analytic dashboards
- Has access to Integrations Settings
- Can update analytic events
- Does not have access to API Keys
Viewer- Has access only to the analytic dashboards