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Google Play Service Account Key

Google Play Service Account Key

Service accounts provide access to the Google Play Developer Publishing API on behalf of an application rather than an end user. Service accounts are suitable for accessing the API from an unattended server, such as an automated build server (e.g. Jenkins). All actions will be shown as originating from the service account. You can edit permissions for the service account on the ‘User Accounts & Rights’ page.

1. Open Settings

Go to Google Play Developer Console and login using your Google Developer Account credentials. Click the Settings icon in the left menu bar

2. Create new project

Select API Access and press the Create new project button.
If you don't see the button, select link to connect your Play account to a Google Play Android Developer Project.

4. Create Service Account
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Service Account. Then click the link Google API Console.

5. Create Service Account
You will be redirected to Google Cloud Platform for managing your service accounts. Сlick the +CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button at the top of the page

6. Configure you service account

Set the Service account name.

Choose the Owner and continue.

Click the Create key button.

7. Download Service Key
Download your JSON file by clicking the Create Key button.

8. Grant Access
Go back to your Google Console Account and click Grant Access

Set the role to Finance and add Manage orders, save it and copy


It takes up to 24 hours for your Google service credentials to work properly with the Android Developer API.

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Google Play Service Account Key

Google Play Service Account Key

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