Send iOS and Android in-app subscription events to Kochava with Qonversion.

Qonversion sends subscription data for iOS and Android apps to your Kochava account to help you understand your marketing performance. Measure what drives your revenue by tracking trial-to-paying-user conversion, subscription renewals, refunds, and other useful subscription events.

1. Set up the SDKs

  1. You need to have Kochava SDK integrated into your app before starting with this integration. If you do not have Kochava integration yet, please use this documentation.

  2. Set Qonversion SDKs following installing the SDKs guides.

  3. Provide to Qonversion Kochava deviceId through user-properties:

Qonversion.shared().setUserProperty(.kochavaDeviceID, value: KochavaTracker.shared.deviceIdString)
[[Qonversion sharedInstance] setUserProperty:QONUserPropertyKeyKochavaDeviceID, value: [KochavaTracker.shared deviceIdString]];
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(QUserPropertyKey.KochavaDeviceId, Tracker.getDeviceId());
Qonversion.shared.setUserProperty(QUserPropertyKey.KochavaDeviceId, Tracker.getDeviceId())
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(QUserPropertyKey.kochavaDeviceId, 'your kochava device id');
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(UserPropertyKey.KOCHAVA_DEVICE_ID, 'your kochava device id');
Qonversion.GetSharedInstance().SetUserProperty(UserPropertyKey.KochavaDeviceId, "your kochava device id");
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(Qonversion.UserPropertyKey.KOCHAVA_DEVICE_ID, 'your kochava device id');

β†’ Read more about User Properties here

2. Configure the Kochava Integration

  1. Log in to Kochava. Create and copy your API Key, also copy your Secret Key. Follow this documentation to find how to create and manage API Key.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations section in your Qonversion project, select Kochava, and provide the API Key, Secret Key, and Kochava App GUID, and Save.



Now Qonversion will start sending in-app purchases and subscriptions data to your Kochava account.

Event Payload

In case you need details about data sent to Kochava, follow the example below:

      "device_ver":"iPhone 8",