Android test devices

Set up test devices to make in-app purchases

1. Test devices
You can use both physical devices and emulators to run your app and test in-app purchases.
Make sure that the emulator has the Play Store installed. You can check that by selecting Tools->AVD Manager in Android Studio.


Emulators must use an emulator image with Google Play Store.


2. Test account
The test account from the License testing step must be added to the test device first.

3. Add a PIN if needed
When you make an in-app purchase for the first time, Google may ask you to verify your account.


The following message may appear: "Something went wrong", even if you enter the correct password.


To get rid of this error on your device navigate to Settings->Accounts-> choose your account from the list.


Select Google Account: Info, security & personalization.


You have to finish signing in to continue. Click Sign in.


Google advises to add a lock screen. Click the Next button.


You can choose any convenient screen lock. For instance, let's choose Continue without fingerprint.


Select and set PIN for security.

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You may need to click on Sign in again to update the data. Finally the authorization process is over and you can make in-app purchases.