React Native

Building subscriptions with Qonversion React Native SDK is simple. Learn more about Qonversion and get started for free now.

Install Qonversion React Native SDK to validate user receipts, and get in-app subscription analytics and third-party integrations.

Install via npm

Qonversion SDK package is available on npm.

npm install react-native-qonversion --save

If you don't have auto-linking enabled, link the SDK to the native project manually:

react-native link react-native-qonversion

Running with Expo

If you are using Qonversion in an Expo app you will have to create Development Builds.


Solving TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘RNQonversion.storeSDKInfo’)

As Qonversion React Native SDK contains native modules, there is no option to run your app using Expo Go. Make sure you use Development Builds as described above to solve this issue.

Kids Mode for Qonversion React Native SDK

In case you are building an App for Kids, please, follow this guide to learn more about Kids Mode for Qonversion SDKs.