Stripe Integration

Connect your Stripe account to Qonversion

Qonversion integrates with Stripe web payments. This integration allows Qonversion to manage cross-platform subscriber access and provide analytics for payments made via Stripe on your website.


You can not use or promote web payment options in your app. It violates the app stores' guides. Your apps might be removed from app stores if you do.

1. Connect your Stripe account to Qonversion

Click the Connect with Stripe button in the Stores tab of your project settings in Qonversion dashboard.

Connect your Stripe accountConnect your Stripe account

Connect your Stripe account

Sign in using your existing Stripe account or create a new one. These options will be offered during the integration process.


Qonversion requires read-only access to your Stripe account. Qonversion can only receive information from Stripe. You have full control over your Stripe account and can revoke access whenever you want.

2. Create Stripe products

You can create products using Stripe dashboard:

Products and PricesProducts and Prices

Products and Prices

A product can have multiple prices. You can read more about setting up Stripe products in Stripe official documentation.


Metered and tiers billing model usage are currently not supported by Qonversion.

3. Create Stripe subscriptions

You can use the Stripe dashboard to create a subscription manually, but the most common way is to use Stripe checkout on your website to get the customer payment information and send it to your server. You can check the details of working with Stripe subscriptions using REST API here

4. Add your Stripe products to Qonversion Product Center


Skip this step if you are not using the Qonversion Product Center. For more information on the Product Center check the documentation here.

Add your Stripe products to Product Center to manage cross-platform subscriber access.

Product CenterProduct Center

Product Center

Make sure that the Stripe Product Identifier that you provide to Qonversion matches with your Product ID in Stripe. You can find your Product ID in Stripe on the product page in Stripe.

Stripe Product IDStripe Product ID

Stripe Product ID

5. Send Stripe purchases to Qonversion

You can send your Stripe purchases to Qonversion through the appropriate API endpoint.

Make sure to send:

  • Stripe Product ID as platform_product_id parameter
  • Stripe Subscription ID for subscriptions or Stripe Invoice ID for one-time purchases as purchase_token request parameter.
curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer PROJECT_KEY' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{"user":"user_id","platform_product_id":"prod_NNNNNN","currency":"USD","amount":10000,"platform":"stripe","purchase_token":"sub_XXXXXX"}

Qonversion updates data on Stripe subscriptions automatically. The data in Qonversion will be updated with a slight delay compared to its actual state in Stripe. You can use the same endpoint to refresh the Stripe purchase state manually.


Supported product price types

Qonversion will track revenue both for subscriptions and one-time purchases for your Stripe products. Subscriptions require using Stripe Invoices. One-time purchases require using Stripe Checkout.

Supported subscription billing models

Only the Package and Standard pricing subscription billing models are supported. Metered and Tiers billing models are currently not supported by Qonversion Stripe integration.

You can read more about subscription billing models in Stripe official documentation.

Proration payments

Subscription changes such as upgrading or downgrading can result in prorated charges. Qonversion will not account for these charges in revenue calculations. It would be best to disable these options manually via the Stripe dashboard. You can also disable them by setting the proration_behavior attribute value to false via the Stripe API.


Stripe has two subscription cancellation options:

  1. Immediate cancellation: subscription cancels immediately with or without any proration option
  2. Cancellation at the end of the period: The subscription cancels at the end of the current billing period (similar to in-app subscriptions on the app stores).

Qonversion supports both options, but the revenue calculation for immediate cancellation will disregard the proration option.

Coupons, discount, and price changes

Qonversion will take into account price changes, including manual updates or coupons, applied by customers in subscription revenue calculation.


Qonversion tracks only full refunds. Proration or partial refunds are not supported currently.

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