Monitoring (Real-Time)

Real-time analytics for your mobile app with in-app subscriptions

Available metrics

  1. Trials started: The number of trials started today
  2. Subscriptions started: The number of subscriptions started today
  3. Non-renewing purchases: The number of one time in-app purchases made today
  4. Tracked revenue: Today's revenue of your app (before app stores' commission) tracked by Qonversion



The percentages displayed next to the data show the difference between the current day and the same day of the previous week.

Available Charts

Daily users

Calculated as a cumulative number of new users that opened your app for the first time today.


Trials by hour

Calculated as the number of the Trial Started events today.

Conversion to trial

The conversion is calculated as today's number of trials divided by today's number of new users.

Users by day

The number of new users who opened your app daily during the month.

Trials by day

The number of the Trial Started events in your app each day during the month.

Territory. Trials.

The number of the Trial Started events today is segmented by country.

Territory. Installs.

The number of new users detected today by Qonversion SDK for the first time segmented by country.



TV Mode

TV Mode allows you to view the monitoring dashboard in the full-screen mode.

Real-time updates

You can enable real-time updates in the monitoring dashboard to analyze your metrics in real-time. The data is updated every minute.