Quick Start

Quick start guide walks you through setting up Qonversion

1. Choose Qonversion mode you want to implement

  • Implement Qonversion Analytics Mode in 20 minutes to get the best-in-class mobile subscription analytics and leverage subscription data with integrations and webhooks.
  • Subscription Management Mode is required if you are looking to implement and manage subscriptions including managing cross-platform user access. The comparison of the features available with each mode is presented below:
FeaturesAnalytics Mode (Observer)Subscription Management Mode
Implementation time20 minutes 2+ hours
Subscription Analyticsβœ…βœ…
Real-time Monitoringβœ…βœ…
Integrations (send data to other platforms)βœ…βœ…
Apple Search Ads Insightsβœ…βœ…
Raw Data Exportβœ…βœ…
Subscriber Details & Custom User Propertiesβœ…βœ…
Paywall experimentsβœ…βœ…
Subscription Management
(fetch in-app product data -> make purchase -> check subscription status)

2. Create a project and register your app

  1. Navigate to the New Project page and provide a new project's name. One Project in Qonversion supports iOS, Android, and Web apps.
  2. In Settings, select the platform for your app and provide platform-specific data:
    • IOS App:
      1. App-Specific Shared secret, you can find more details here
      2. Your app's App Store ID. To get your app's App Store ID, navigate to the Apps tab in your App Store Connect account. Click on your app. You can see the App ID in the URL.
    • Android App:
      1. Service Account Key credentials, you can find more details here.
      2. Android package name
    • Stripe App: Please follow this guide to connect Stripe to Qonversion
  3. Get your Qonversion project key. You can find your Qonversion project key in the Settings section of Qonversion. You will need this key to configure the SDKs


Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your Google service credentials to work properly with the Android Developer API. You may see "Please provide valid JSON credentials" during the first 24 hours until the credentials start working correctly.

3. Install the SDKs

β†’ iOS SDK
β†’ Android SDK
β†’ Flutter SDK
β†’ React Native SDK
β†’ Unity SDK
β†’ Cordova Plugin
β†’ Web SDK


Kids Mode SDKs

If you are building an app for kids, it is necessary to follow policies and do not collect IDFA, GAID and other advertisement attributes. For Kids Mode SDK integration follow this guide.

4. Implement Analytics or Subscription Management Mode

Please check the mode you prefer according to the first step of this guide and follow the required option:

  • For Analytics Mode follow this guide (10 more minutes to set everything up)
  • For Subscription Management Mode follow this guide

Additional Resources

β†’ Check out the Sample Apps
β†’ Tips on testing
β†’ Troubleshooting
β†’ Migrating In-App Subscriptions