Non-Subscription Purchases

Use Qonversion to handle non-consumable and consumable in-app purchases

Qonversion allows handling all types of in-app purchases, including non-subscription products.

Non-subscription In-app Purchase Types

Consumable in-app purchases
These in-app purchases can be used just once. They are depleted and can be purchased again. They are usually linked to coins or gems that users purchase to spend on virtual resources in an app.

Non-consumable in-app purchases
Non-consumable purchases are not depleted, as the name implies. You can unlock premium features in your app, like photo filters, fonts, or lifetime premium access.

Entitlements, Products and Offerings

An Entitlement unlocks access to the premium features of your application when a user makes a purchase. You can read more about Qonversion entitlements here.
A Product in Qonversion is linked to a specific Apple and Google store product. You can read more about Qonversion products here.
An Offering is a set of products you can offer a user and change remotely without releasing app updates. You can read more about Qonversion offerings here.

Providing lifetime access with in-app purchase

Use non-consumable in-app purchase to provide lifetime access and follow these steps:

  1. Create an app store product:

Let's assume the product has the following app store id com.testgame.lifetime.99.

  1. Create Qonversion Product with qonversion ID lifetime and link it to the app store product from the previous step.

  2. Create an Entitlement premium and link it to the Qonversion Product. This Entitlement will be active after a user purchases the product linked to it.

  3. Optional: Create an Offering main and attach the Qonversion Product lifetime to it. Then you can easily change the list of products linked to the offering.

Use our guides on making purchases and checking user entitlements.