Google Play Data Safety

The Data safety section on Google Play is a simple way for you to help people understand what user data your app collects or shares, as well as showcase your app’s key privacy and security practices.

You need to provide to Google the information about how your application collects and handles user data including all the libraries you use in the app.

We have prepared a short guide on data that Qonversion collects to help you provide the required information to Google Play.

Data collection and security


Data types

Below is the list of the data types that Google requires to report. We have indicated if Qonversion collects any specific type of data.

Data TypeDetails
LocationNot collected by Qonversion
Health and FitnessNot collected by Qonversion
Photos and VideosNot collected by Qonversion
Files and DocsNot collected by Qonversion
CalendarNot collected by Qonversion
ContactsNot collected by Qonversion
User ContentNot collected by Qonversion
Browsing HistoryNot collected by Qonversion
Search HistoryNot collected by Qonversion
App Info and PerformanceNot collected by Qonversion
Web BrowsingNot collected by Qonversion
Contact InfoNot collected by Qonversion.
You can choose to use Qonversion User Properties
to store user name, email,
and other contact information.
Financial InfoQonversion collects App Stores purchases history
Personal Info and IdentifiersQonversion collects User ID and Device ID.
Other DataQonversion collects data on device OS, make, model, and resolution.

Data usage and handling

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