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User Properties

Set custom user properties

User properties are attributes you can set on a user level. You can send user properties to third party platforms as well as use them in Qonversion for customer segmentation and analytics.
Here is an example of user properties:

User Properties


There are two types of user properties: Qonversion defined user properties and custom user properties.

Defined User Properties

We defined some common case properties and provided API for adding them:

Qonversion.setProperty(.email, value: "[email protected]")
[Qonversion setProperty: QPropertyEmail, value: @"[email protected]"]
Please, write us if you need that functionality in Android

The full list of the defined properties is provided below:






User Email. Can be used for cross-platform authorization and integrations with Qonversion.



User Name

Custom User Properties

Additionally, you can add a custom user property. Qonversion can send them to third-party integrations as well. For example, you can add user details and use that data to send personalized emails or push notifications via Mailchimp and OneSignal integrations.

Qonversion.setUserProperty("liked-app", value: "yes")
[Qonversion setUserProperty: @"liked-app", value: @"yes"];
Please, write us if you need that functionality in Java

You can use letters A-Za-z, numbers, and the following symbols _.:- as a property key.

How It Works

Qonversion SDK gets user properties and sends data every 15 seconds, as well as on app close.

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User Properties

Set custom user properties

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