Based on your business logic, an offering is a group of products you can offer to a user on a given paywall. For example, you can offer one set of products on a paywall immediately after onboarding and another set of products with discounts later on if a user has not converted.
Offerings allow changing the products offered remotely without releasing app updates.

Qonversion offerings are not required to use Qonversion's Subscription Management Mode, but they enable the following features:

  • Run A/B tests
  • Change products offered to your users without app release
  • Store products and experiment results in one place with aggregated data on them

Сreate an Offering

  1. Navigate to the Product Center settings in your Qonversion account. Tap the Create button and select Offering.
  1. Fill in the offering details:
  • Identifier – unique offer id, used by the Qonversion SDK to get associated products
  • Description – short custom description field.
  1. Attach products to your offering
    Products - list of products that are linked to the offering. The order of the products will be used in the SDK when displaying the products.