Create Offerings

Offerings are designed as a remote configuration to present particular products on specific paywalls. Moreover, you can change the products without additional app releases.

For example, you can offer one set of products on a paywall immediately after an onboarding flow is completed and another with discounts if a user has not converted later.

Qonversion Offerings do not require Subscription Management Mode. However, they enable the following features:

  • Run pricing A/B tests
  • Change products offered to your users without extra app releases

Сreate an Offering

  1. Navigate to the Offerings in your Qonversion account. Tap the Create offering button.
  2. Fill in the offering details:
    1. Name: short custom description field.
    2. Offering ID: unique offering ID used by the Qonversion SDK to get associated products
    3. Products: list of products that are linked to the offering. The chosen order of the products transfers to the response of Qonversion SDK's offerings method.

Attach products

Offerings are based on the Products you could create previously to manage your entitlements by using Qonversion Subscription Management Mode. Please, follow Create Products guide to learn about creating a new product entity.