Send iOS and Android in-app subscription events to Adjust with Qonversion

Qonversion sends subscription data for iOS and Android apps to your Adjust account to help you understand your marketing performance. Measure what drives your revenue by tracking trial-to-paying-user conversion, subscription renewals, billing retry state, cancellations, refunds, and other useful subscription events. Here you can find the full list of the events tracked.

1. Setup the SDKs

  1. Make sure you have Adjust SDK installed. More about the Adjust SDK read here.

  2. Set Qonversion SDKs following Installing the SDKs guides.

  3. Provide to Qonversion Adjust Advertising ID through User Properties:

Qonversion.shared().setUserProperty(.adjustAdID, value: Adjust.adid)
[[Qonversion sharedInstance] setUserProperty:QONUserPropertyKeyAdjustAdID value:[Adjust adid]];
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(QUserPropertyKey.AdjustAdId, Adjust.getAdid());
Qonversion.shared.setUserProperty(QUserPropertyKey.AdjustAdId, Adjust.getAdid())
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(QUserPropertyKey.adjustAdId, 'your adjust ad id');
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(UserPropertyKey.ADJUST_AD_ID, 'your adjust ad id');
Qonversion.GetSharedInstance().SetUserProperty(UserPropertyKey.AdjustAdId, "your adjust ad id");
Qonversion.getSharedInstance().setUserProperty(Qonversion.UserPropertyKey.ADJUST_AD_ID, 'your adjust ad id');


Do not track purchase events on the client-side

Qonversion tracks and sends revenue events, so if you track revenue events with Adjust SDK as well, you may double count the revenue in your Adjust account.

2. Configure the Adjust Integration

Provide Adjust App Token

  1. Navigate to the integrations page in Qonversion and select Adjust .
  2. Create Adjust token following this guide and provide your Adjust App Token to Qonversion.

Provide OAuth token (Optional)

If you've turned on S2S authentication via OAuth token, add the OAuth token.

3. Configure the event mapping

Navigate to your app in Adjust, select All Settings β†’ Events, and create events. Provide generated unique event tokens to Qonversion.



You must change default Qonversion event names for Adjust integration to the appropriate Adjust event tokens which have been set in the Adjust dashboard. Only events which are mapped to Adjust event tokens will be received by Adjust.

Adjust API doesn't support negative revenue values. All values are sent with a positive sign for this integration, including refunds. To switch off sending revenue value for refunds select Subscription Refunded event from the table of the events and click More Options below.

Please note that you can expect to have server-side events sent to Adjust account for users who installed the app with Qonversion SDK integrated. Qonversion can't get the data on users who subscribed earlier and never opened the app with Qonversion SDK installed.



Now Qonversion will start sending in-app purchases and subscriptions data to your Adjust account.

Event Payload

In case you need details about data sent to Adjust, follow the example below:

  "app_token": "",
  "event_token": "",
  "product_id": "",
  "created_at_unix": 1640912133,
  "user_id": "QON_...",
  "custom_user_id": "", //Unique user identifier set by the app owner
  "product_id": "",
  "adid": "00000000000000000000000000000000",
  "currency": "USD",
  "revenue": 34.511,
  "idfa": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  "idfv": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",