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Send iOS and Android in-app subscription and purchas events to Tenjin with Qonversion.

Measure what drives your in-app subscription revenue on ad campaign level by tracking events like trial-to-paying-user conversions, subscription renewals, refunds, upgrades, and other valuable events in Tenjin.
Qonversion tracks revenue even if a user does not open your app. This allows measuring the cohorts' revenue with 100% accuracy.

Configure the Tenjin Integration

Provide Integration Details

  1. Before sending events to Tenjin make sure you've added your apps to the Tenjin dashboard. Then get your Tenjin API key from the dashboard.

Integration with Tenjin

  1. Navigate to the Integrations section in your Qonversion project, select Tenjin, and provide the Tenjin API and Save.

  2. For an iOS app, you should addBundle ID. For Android App you need to provide the Tenjin API Key only.

Tenijn Integration Settings


Switch off the toggle "Send sales as proceed"

Tenjin automatically subtracts App Stores commission, so you need to send gross sales data to Tenjin.



Now Qonversion will start sending in-app purchases and subscriptions data to your Tenjin account.

Event names

You can configure some of the event names for this integration. Purchase events with revenue value (like Trial Converted or Subscription Started) do not have names in Tenjin, so they all have the same default Purchase name in Qonversion.

Updated 13 days ago


Send iOS and Android in-app subscription and purchas events to Tenjin with Qonversion.

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