macOS / Catalyst

Qonversion SDK to handle in-app purchases for macOS / Catalyst

Qonversion is the data platform to power in-app subscription revenue growth. Qonversion allows fast in-app subscriptions implementation. It provides the back-end infrastructure to validate user receipts and manage cross-platform user access to paid content on your app, so you do not need to build your server. Qonversion also provides comprehensive subscription analytics and out-of-the-box integrations with the leading marketing, attribution, and product analytics platforms.

Qonversion iOS SDK is compatible with macOS and can be installed via CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager.

Install via CocoaPods

Add dependency to Podfile.

pod 'Qonversion'

Run pod install in the project directory to download dependency.

pod install

Install via Swift Package Manager

Open Xcode, go to File β†’ Swift Packages β†’ Add Package Dependency and enter the package URL to import the package through SPM.