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Install SDKs

Implement Qonversion SDKs

Qonversion SDK provides simple methods to implement in-app subscriptions in your apps, handle user access to the premium features and content, and facilitates subscription analytics.

Qonversion supports a number of platforms. Choose the platform of your app and install the SDK.

Available SDKs

Android SDK
Flutter SDK
React Native SDK
Cordova Plugin
Unity SDK

SDK versioning policy

This topic explains Qonversion's SDK versioning, which is based on the semantic versioning standard. To learn more, read Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

In semantic versioning each version consists of three parts:

  • major version number
  • minor version number
  • patch version number

For example, for version 2.7.3, 2 is the major version, 7 is minor, and 3 – is a patch.

major version number

Major SDK updates can change API and SDK methods and might be backward incompatible. The major version component increments when the version contains breaking changes. Such updates are very rare.

minor version number

Minor updates usually add new features, and they are always backward compatible.

patch version number

Patch updates are usually bug fixes.


It's highly recommended to use the latest major version of Qonversion SDK.

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Install SDKs

Implement Qonversion SDKs

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