App Store Connect Shared Secret

App-Specific Shared Secret is a key to receive receipts for auto-renewable in-app subscriptions. See how to generate the app's shared secret below.

You need to provide the app-specific shared secret to Qonversion, so we can verify your in-app purchases. Qonversion provides out-of-the-box in-app subscription infrastructure. Learn more about Qonversion and sign up for free.

Follow the steps below to get the shared secret for your iOS app:

1. Navigate to the In-App Purchases section in App Store Connect

  1. Log in to your App Store Connect account.
  2. Choose Apps and select the App.
  3. Select the Subscriptions section from the left side menu.
  4. Scroll down to the "App-Specific Shared Secret" label and click the "Manage" button.

App-Specific Shared Secret Location

2. Generate the shared secret

Generate and copy your shared secret.


Generate the shared secret