App Store Privacy

Understand what data is being collected by Qonversion for App Store reporting purposes

You’ll need to provide information about your app’s privacy practices to submit new and update existing apps in App Store Connect, including the practices of third-party partners whose code you integrate into your app. This information is required starting December 8, 2020. You can learn more here.

We have prepared a short guide on data that Qonversion collects to help you provide the required information to the App Store Connect.

Below is the list of the data types that Apple requires to report. We have indicated if Qonversion collects any specific type of data.
App Store also requires to submit the purpose of data collection. You should select Analytics and App Functionality for the data types collected by Qonversion.

Data TypeDetails
Contact InfoNot collected by Qonversion.
You can choose to use Qonversion User Properties
to store user name, email,
and other contact information.
Health and FitnessNot collected by Qonversion
Financial InfoNot collected by Qonversion
LocationNot collected by Qonversion
Sensitive InfoNot collected by Qonversion
ContactsNot collected by Qonversion
User ContentNot collected by Qonversion
Browsing HistoryNot collected by Qonversion
Search HistoryNot collected by Qonversion
IdentifiersQonversion collects User ID and Device ID.
PurchasesQonversion collects App Store purchases history
Usage DataNot collected by Qonversion
DiagnosticsNot collected by Qonversion
Other DataQonversion collects data on device OS, make, model, and resolution.