Configuring Platforms

Apple Push Notifications

Qonversion uses Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) with the .p8 certificate to send push notifications on the iOS platform. It is the unified key to send push notifications in sandbox and production. To set up push notifications with Qonvresion using APNs you need the following data:

  • APNs Key;
  • Key ID;
  • Bundle ID;
  • Team ID.

1. Generate APNs key

Navigate to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in your Developer Center. Click the "plus" button.


Chose the key name and select Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) from the list.
Click Continue.


2. Copy the Key ID and download your key

Copy the key ID and save the downloaded key securely.



Download Your Key

Save your key securely. After downloading the key, it cannot be re-downloaded as the server copy is removed.

3. Copy your Team ID and Bundle ID

Navigate to Apple Developer and select Identifiers:


Copy your Bundle ID and Team ID on this page. You will need this data for the following steps:


4. Configure your Qonversion project with the APNs settings:

Navigate to your Qonversion project's settings page and provide the values in the following fields:

  • App Store Bundle ID;
  • App Store Push Key File;
  • Push Key ID;
  • Team ID.


Make sure to use server-to-server notification

Activate server-to-server notifications so Qonversion gets events immediately as they happen. Otherwise, there might be a delay between an event and the time Qonversion receives the event and sends a push notification.

Google Firebase Push Notifications

You have to add Firebase to your Android project before starting with the push notifications set up. After you have added Firebase to your app, you can follow the steps below.

1. Create a Service Account JSON key

Navigate to your Firebase projects page and select your project.


Firebase projects

Click the Settings icon on the left menu and select Project Settings.


Switch to the Service accounts tab and open your service accounts page in Google Cloud Console. You will be redirected to the Google Cloud Console IAM section.


After having in Google Cloud Console project linked to your Firebase account project selected, navigate to the Service Accounts section.


Click the + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button to create an account, allowing Qonversion to send notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging API.


Fill in the Service account name fields and click DONE.


Please navigate to the recently created service accounts and open its KEYS section. Click the ADD KEY button.


Select the JSON key. After clicking CREATE, the JSON key will be automatically downloaded. Please keep it for further steps.


Navigate to the IAM section.


And click the GRANT ACCESS button


In the opened screen, enter the ID of the recently created service account in the New principals section.


Then select the Firebase Cloud Messaging API Admin role in the Assign roles section and click SAVE.


2. Copy your Firebase project ID

Navigate back to the General tab in Firebase Console and copy your Firebase Project ID:


3. Configure Qonversion project with the Firebase settings:

Navigate to your Qonversion project's settings page and provide the values for the following fields: