Qonversion Automation allows sending automated, personalized push notifications and in-app messages initiated by in-app purchase events. This feature is designed to increase your app's revenue and retention, provide cancellation insights, reduce subscriber churn, and improve your subscribers' user experience.

Here is a simple example of the Qonversion Automation use case: send a push notification with a discount offer to a user when he turns off subscription auto-renew. There is so much more you can do with Qonversion Automation.

Qonversion Automations are available for the following SDK versions:







React Native






Create Automation

To set up Qonversion Automation, you need to set the three key components:

  • Trigger
  • Action
  • Segment

1. Trigger

A trigger launches the automated action. You need to choose what event or scenario initiates the automated action by choosing a trigger. The available trigger types are:

  • Event-based: an in-app purchase event triggers an action (check the list of the events here)
  • Scheduled (coming soon): an action triggered based on the predefined schedule
  • API Based (coming soon): an action triggered based on API call
Triggers for automated actionsTriggers for automated actions

Triggers for automated actions

2. Action

An action describes what happens when the trigger condition is met. There are two types of actions currently:

  • Send a push-notification
  • Show an in-app screen
Qonversion automated actionsQonversion automated actions

Qonversion automated actions

You can do both actions with one trigger. For example, send a push notification that leads a user to the in-app screen managed by Qonversion.

See more details here:


A segment is a set of users that are impacted by the automation. Segment settings are coming soon.

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