Creating a Project

Create a cross-platform Qonversion project

A Qonversion project is a top-level entity for Qonversion. In a project, you register your iOS, Android, or Stripe-based apps. After registering your apps with Qonversion, you can integrate the Qonversion SDKs and access Qonversion products, like Product Center, Analytics, Integrations, and more.

1. Setting up a project and registering apps

Name your project

One project corresponds to your cross-platform app.

Activate the platforms

Qonversion project supports – iOS, Android, or Stripe.

iOS App

You need to provide the app-specific shared secret and App Store ID.

  1. See how to get your app-specific shared secret here;
  2. To get your app's App Store ID navigate to the Apps tab in your App Store Connect account. Click on the specific app. You can see the App ID in the URL.

Android App

You need to provide Service Account Key credentials and the Android package name.

  1. Learn how to get your Service Account Key credentials here.
    Paste the content of the credentials JSON file that you get from Google Play to Qonversion.


It takes up to 24 hours for your Google service credentials to work properly with the Android Developer API. You may see "Please provide valid JSON credentials" during the first 24 hours until the credentials start working properly.

Web App

You need to connect your Stripe application directly to Qonversion. Learn how to do it in a few clicks here.


Once you have created the Project for your app, go on to installing the Qonversion SDKs.

2. Get Your Project Key

You can find your Qonversion project key in the Settings section of Qonversion. You will need this key to configure the SDKs


3. Invite Team Members

You can invite your team members to help you with setting things up.

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