Debug Mode

Set debug mode

You can set the flag with SDK to distinguish sandbox and production users. To see the sandbox users turn on the Viewing test Data toggle in Qonversion Dashboard

[Qonversion setDebugMode];


Note: You have to set the debug mode before initializing Qonversion SDK.

Do not use debug mode in production. Delete this method before realizing your app to an app store.

iOS settings

The details on using the setDebugMode method on iOS:

Debug mode configuration

Make sure that you have set up your build configuration to Debug before running your application.


You can only set the debug mode if you're using the Debug build configuration. iOS SDK has verification that does not allow you to accidentally add debug mode to the production.


Build settings

Debug mode cannot be turned on if you do not have a preprocessor for the DEBUG macro in the "Build Settings" tab. This macro is set up by default. Make sure that DEBUG = 1.


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