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Purchase gets cancelled if app is closed after pending purchase starts


Entitlements are empty on sandbox mode.

Hi, I have been integrated products and offerings successfully. After successful purchase, I can not get entitlements and as well as I could not fetch entitlements via checkEntitlements method too. I checked dashboard and entitlements, It seems they correctly set. I could not chance try it on production but in sandbox entitlements responses empty. I am not sure, is there any other reason, the troubleshooting page does not gives such details. Methods who I tried to get entitlements const entitlements = await Qonversion.getSharedInstance().purchase(purchaseModel); and const entitlements = await Qonversion.getSharedInstance().checkEntitlements(); Thanks

Product details are empty or null

Hi, I am developing app with React Native with iOS env. I created my subscription packages into app store connect and qonversion.io dashboard. When I am fetching offers or products from app, I am receiving empty responses like that { "qonversionID": "weekly", "storeID": "weekly_subscription", "basePlanID": null, "skuDetails": null, "storeDetails": null, "skProduct": null, "offeringId": "subscriptionoffer", "subscriptionPeriod": null, "trialPeriod": null, "type": "Unknown", "prettyPrice": "" }, I am not sure what is reason of it. Do you have any ideas ?

iOS entitlements error

Then I call checkEntitlements my Map is empty, why? I have 4 products there. Then I can't check my subscriptions. Map\<String, QEntitlement> entitlements = await Qonversion.getSharedInstance().checkEntitlements();

Error when Purchase in product enviroment android Flutter

I already use flutter SDK ^8.2.0 but when i use any device android to purchase subscription, it always return Error. Your transaction can't be completed. To continue this transaction, usse a different payment instrucment or contact us. I don't know any solution for this.

Offerings Issue

Hey can i purchase the multiple products from the same offering. Actually in my application now i am able to purhcase the multiple offerings so i have this question in my mind now

If app starts offline the products are not loaded

Is this something that we should be checking for or will Qonversion keep trying until it receives the products from the stores? Currently even if the app goes online afterwards we do not receive the callback that products were loaded

Cancel subscription on user request

Hi, Sorry, I am new to this and have a question on how to cancel subscription on user request? I tried to find how to do it via Qonversion and I didn't find anything. It seems that I am looking in a wrong direction. Can you please point in the right direction? Thank you

Wrong entitlement after a purchase on Android

Hello, I have an issue when I make a purchase on Android : After successive purchase, the onSuccess QonversionEntitlementsCallback returns Entitlement object where "isActive" field is false because the entitlement returned is that of the previous purchase (which has been cancelled in the meantime).. Steps to reproduce: step 1: make a subscription (purchase 1) in the app step 2: cancel it in Google PlayStore step 3: wait till the expire time is passed step 4 : make again a subscription in the app (purchase 2) step 5 : onSuccess QonversionEntitlementsCallback returns Entitlement from purchase 1, which is cancelled and not yet active, so we can't have access to the premium features. QON_0e0c4c4ea2594e87a747870af51f9611

Wrong entitlement "isActive" status on Android

After the subscription expired, method "Qonversion.shared.checkEntitlements" returns Entitlement object where "isActive" field is true. Steps to reproduce: step 1: make a subscription in the app step 2: cancel it in Google PlayStore step 3: wait till the expire time is passed step 4 : launch the app Expected Result: Qonversion.shared.checkEntitlements returns that the subscription is not active Actual Result: Qonversion.shared.checkEntitlements returns that the subscription is active After expiring, premium features is not anymore unlocked in app and thats fine, but it still shows that my Entitlement is active and if i buy premium again(activate same entitlement), my premium features is not unlocked. I would like to isActive shows false once it expire so i can solve this issue, thanks.