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Will detaching a user from experiment in code automatically keep the 50/50 balance of the experiment?

Hi, we want to run an experiment with two different paywalls. We only want to test it on free users, but we have another way of purchasing a subscription other than Qonversion. We have an option to manually detach a user from the experiment in code based on some parameters from the database but will that keep the 50/50 balance between the variants? For example, if we have "Variant 1" with 500 users and "Variant 2" with 500 users. Let's say we detach 100 users from "Variant 1", will Qonversion automatically equalize the users across both variants and send both variants to 450 users each, or will "Variant 1" have 500 users and "Variant 2" 400 users after manually detaching?

No code screens and Automations deprecated

Hi, I just started trying to use Qonversion, I can see the docs marks automation as deprecated. Why is this and what is the replacement for it? Or is the feature just being dropped forever?

How do I test my integration in Prod env?

If I set the environment as production, then turn on "Sandbox mode" and purchase an in-app product, am I supposed to see the new event in my dashboard? ```Text react native const config = new QonversionConfigBuilder( 'projectKey', LaunchMode.SUBSCRIPTION_MANAGEMENT ) .setEnvironment(Environment.PRODUCTION) .build(); Qonversion.initialize(config); ```

Handling refund with qonversion

Hello, I want to use Qonversion to handle refund. However, I could not find anything about how I can use Qonversion to handle refund process. I have read two articles telling how refund process works but does not mention Qonversion. Another question is that how can I access transaction id after purchase in my code. I am using React Native. Thank you.

Unity Android External Dependency Manager stuck at 100%

Hi, dear developer, I've been using Qonversion Unity SDK and recently Google Pay need to upgrade so I upgrade Qonversion from 4.4.2 to 6.0.0(latest). when resolving and downloading dependencies, here comes the problem: progress bar come to 100% but it's continuing download and updating for 20min+ ![](https://files.readme.io/c37af74-img_v2_225559f0-d8e8-4bcd-a940-b72f04e1fe1h.jpg) I've also tried 5.0.0 and on another Unity Version(2022.3.5f1), same problem occurs. even in an empty project My develop context: macOS 13.0 Unity : 2021.3.23f1 JDK : Java(8) 1.8 (Unity only support this version) gradle : 5.6 gradle also tried 5.1, 7.2, 7.4. not work either any help would be appreciate, thanks!

No offering

Trying to set- up purchase for Kotlin/Jetpack compose - all works as expected when I run the app with the device connect to my Mac and the offerings are available - Yet when I upload to Play Console (Closed testing Alfa Track) - reinstall on device, no offerings are available. Thanks in advance!

Permission error

I get a 20201 error coding standing for "The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation", any idea how to fix the issue? I don't see anything related to permissions other than being the admin user. Thanks

Wrong "isActive" status on Android

After the subscription expired, method "Qonversion.shared.checkEntitlements" returns Entitlement object where "isActive" field is true. Steps to reproduce: step 1: make a subscription in the app step 2: cancel it in Google PlayStore step 3: wait till the expire time is passed step 4 : launch the app Expected Result: Qonversion.shared.checkEntitlements returns that the subscription is not active Actual Result: Qonversion.shared.checkEntitlements returns that the subscription is active

Testing subscription in TestFlight

Hello, we've setup a subscription in appstoreconnect and added this information to Qonversion (added product, entitlement, app id, app-specific password – I double checked that everything configured correctly). However, our subscription haven't passed review yet because we want to test it firstly in a TestFlight app. Questions: 1. Is it possible to test a subscription with Qonversion in TestFlight that is not reviewed yet? (status of the subscription in appstoreconnect is "Prepare for Submission") 2. If yes, what Qonversion environment should we use in TestFlight app that was built with production provisioning profile? Production or Sandbox? 3. If no, what other ways to test a subscription in Testflight without passing an appstore review for the subscription? Do you have a tutorial that clears says what to do? Currently, when we get a product from Qonversion sdk in react-native, we get this: {"qonversionID":"weekly_5days_trials","storeID":"app.yung.mobile.ios.general.weekly","type":"TRIAL","duration":"WEEKLY","skuDetails":null,"skProduct":null,"prettyPrice":"","trialDuration":"UNKNOWN"} And when we try to purchase this product, we get a error "Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.qonversion.io error 2.)" Thank you

Wrong entitlement "isActive" status on Android

Hi. The problem is next: After the subscription expired, SDK still returns an entitlement where the "isActive" field is true. Only after killing an app (remove from recents) the SDK start return the correct value. Device: Pixel 4, Android 13