Product price and duration

Add product price, trial duration, and other elements to paywalls.

Add product-specific data

You can add product-specific localized details to paywalls and promotional offers you create with Qonversion. The data is fetched directly from app stores. Please note that app stores require to show product prices on any screens where you offer your users to make a purchase.

Available data:

  • regular price: the price of a subscription or in-app purchase
  • trial duration (soon): duration of a trial
  • subscription duration (soon): duration of a subscription

You can add this data to the title, text, and button elements.

  • Add UI element to your screen
  • Click on the curly brackets on the right
  • Select the specific data you need to add to your app screen:

Make sure that you select the price of the product that is linked to the purchase button: