Product Center

In-app Subscription toolkit for iOS and Android Apps. Subscription infrastructure to manage your in-app purchases in one place. Build your subscription infrastructure without server code.

Product Center is where you manage the settings for the Subscription Management Mode of the Qonversion SDKs. It is a top-level wrapper for StoreKit and Google Billing Client, so you do not have to manage the user state manually. For example:

  • you do not need to check a subscription expiration date to check if a user has premium access
  • you do not need to release a new version of your app to change the subscription offered

Use Qonversion SDK methods to create and restore purchases, and manage user access to the premium features. Qonversion validates user receipts and provides your app with an accurate subscription status. You can quickly implement in-app subscriptions and purchases with no headaches with StoreKit, no need to build your subscription validation server.

How It Works


Take a look at the diagram above:

  1. The application calls the purchase method of Qonversion SDK.
  2. Qonversion SDK communicates with StoreKit or Google Billing Client to make a purchase.
  3. The SDK sends a request to Qonversion API for server-to-server purchase validation if a purchase is successful. Qonversion server unlocks permissions associated with the product.
  4. SDK returns control to the application with a processing state

Qonversion Product Center provides an easy way to manage all your in-app purchases, regardless of platform and purchase type.

Product Center consists of three elements:


Check out the video tutorial on implementing in-app subscriptions with Qonversion

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