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Ios 15 :skadnetwork integration testing

With ios 15, the developers of the app can receive a copy of winning attribution. If a advertsider app doesn’t use an MMP, and want to get the data directly and has done the necessary configuration to receive data from skad, but how this can be tested in a non production environment.

Swift - How to restore a specific purchase

Hello, I tried to restore a specific purchase but without sucess.. In the doc, on this link https://documentation.qonversion.io/docs/making-purchases We can see : Qonversion.restore { [weak self] (permissions, error) in if let error = error { // Handle error } if let permission: Qonversion.Permission = permissions["plus"], permission.isActive { // Restored and permission is active } } My question is how can we restore a purchase with it's permission id or something like this? Thank you in advance, Best regards.

Google Play Manage Subscriptions

If a user will resubscribe using google play, I cannot get events from qonversion which is to be expected since the transaction did not happen through qonversion. Now the problem is, the user will never be premium. Is there a proper way to handle this scenario? Or a way to force user to resubscribe through the app?

No matching receipt found error

Hi, I would like to know what does No matching receipt found means? The payment process was successful and I got the success message saying that I am all set but I get an error after: [Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (SKErrorDomain error 2.)] [Error: No matching receipt found] I tried searching but I can not find any solution.

Update Purchases for Android (React Native)

I just want to know when is the update for updatePurchase() function in React-Native? It says in the documentation "// Will be available soon". I really need this for my Remove Ads Subscription that has monthly, 3 months and 6months option. I'm currently testing it now but my test account is being charged both for monthly and 3months subscription

Long Webhook Events Delays Between Purchase Event on Mobile and Server Notification

We are experiencing long delays between a purchase event on the phone and the webhook event received by our server. Delays are over 5 minutes, sometimes over 10 minutes, and even longer. Currently, we're working with Sandbox payments in Infrastructure mode. Is this expected behavior? Will these delays be present with production payments also?

Internal error code: 20011

Hi. I get this error when using "Qonversion.purchase(product.qonversionID) { [weak self] result, error, _ in". Sandbox. Error: Request failed: https://api.qonversion.io/v1/user/purchase, error: Error Domain=com.qonversion.io.api Code=12 "Internal error code: 20011. The project is not configured or configured incorrectly in the Qonversion Dashboard." UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Internal error code: 20011. The project is not configured or configured incorrectly in the Qonversion Dashboard., NSLocalizedDescription=Active store not found} Before the error I get:: You're all set. Your purchase was successfull. [Enviroment: Sandbox] What is the problem?

Bug report about Setting - Stores.

I have two products. When I set up the Store (https://dash.qonversion.io/project/stores), the settings of Product B will accidentally replace the settings of Product A. In addition, I suggest that https://dash.qonversion.io/project/stores add a parameter of?q=A, so that different URLs can access different products and it is not easy to make mistakes.

Sandbox renewals not always working as explained.

Hi there, we are still testing a monthly subscription payment using your API. Sometimes, the sandbox renewals occurs six times every 5 minutes as expected (https://documentation.qonversion.io/docs/testing) In your console, we can see for that customer/device: 6 (5 minutes) subscription renewals, 1 cancellation (one minute before the expiration) and the expiration event. But then, we try to subscribe again and we get a renewal event, and 5 minutes later, we get a cancelled event with same transaction ID and no renewal nor expiration. PS: We got a subscription started event only the first time the device subscribed. We always receive a renewal when we resubscribe (purchasing the same product_id). Can you explain this behaviour, please? Thank you.

iOS | Event listener or Observer to get any changes on the current subscription status

Hi, Does Qonversion have any event listerner or observer for me to use in order to get any changes on the current subscription status such as cancellation.? From my understanding, we only get the expired date once we call checkPermissions(). I don't think it good practice for me keep calling checkPermissions() for a certain interval time (let say for every 5 minutes) for just to get the latest permission status data. Appreciate if anyone can advice me on this. Thank you. ^_^