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Hello! Can you please help me 🙏🏻 I have subscribed, but empty entitlements are still coming to the application. Immediately after the purchase, the result came to me, but when I check after that it is empty again.

Purchase not working in Live version

I switched environment from sendbox to production by using firebase remote config. But it was working fine in Test Flight testing & app store review version but suddenly it stoped! why? do we have any billing issue?

Swift - How to restore a specific purchase

Hello, I tried to restore a specific purchase but without sucess.. In the doc, on this link https://documentation.qonversion.io/docs/making-purchases We can see : Qonversion.restore { [weak self] (permissions, error) in if let error = error { // Handle error } if let permission: Qonversion.Permission = permissions["plus"], permission.isActive { // Restored and permission is active } } My question is how can we restore a purchase with it's permission id or something like this? Thank you in advance, Best regards.

Please explain how to purchase consumable products? thank you.

I did not find the documentation for purchasing consumable products here (https://documentation.qonversion.io/docs/non-subscription-purchases). I would like to know how to confirm the one-time consumption. After all, this consumable product can be purchased repeatedly. It seems wrong to use Permission. Please explain how to purchase consumable products? thank you.

Qonversion.purchase returns with .canceled state in iOS SDK

Hi, I've recently integrated Qonversion iOS SDK. But we have a couple of issues with iOS Sandbox testing. After Qonversion.purchase("productId") request made it immediately returns .cancelled state. But after (maybe ~5s) it shows ios purchase dialog. Could you suggest some solutions?

Is is possible to grant a permission directly from Qonversion?

Sometimes it comes up that our customer service department wants to grant access to someone for some amount of time, is that possible?

Subscription event Notifications

Can I get the notification using webhooks when my trial period is expired (Flutter Application)? What are the available notification events ? Can I test the notifications in Sandbox environment.

Automation: In app-Messages

Do we have "Automation: automated push notifications and no-code in-app messages" in flutter. Can I use Automated push notifications in flutter application?

Restore in-app purchases for different app accounts

I’m implementing in-app purchases (non-consumable) to my iOS app, and I’m stuck with restore purchases. When a user registers in my app, I create a user account (A) on my server. After the user buys an in-app purchase, I need to tie the account and iIAP (A+IAP). The question is - what if the user creates a new user account (A1) and restores the IAP? Will it unlock premium content for another user? (A1+IAP). If yes, how to fix that?

Server-side receipt validation for ios in-app purchases

I use a client-side receipt validation for my app and want to move to the server-side receipt validation to check permissions and provide access to my premium content from the server. What is the best way to do that?