Qonversion User is the unique installation of your application.
By default, Qonversion User ID is generated with the Qonversion SDK and identifies the user without additional identification from the partner side.
Qonversion creates a unique User ID each time an app is installed and opened for the first time with the SDK method.
The API allows you to create and retrieve Qonversion users.

The Object Attributes

    "created": 1658489733,
    "environment": "prod",
    "id": "QON_7791a27fc4e747412381842b36a",
    "identity_id": "awesome_user"
idstringQonversion User ID
identity_idstringUser Identity ID - unique user ID from a partner authorization system. Partners can use identity for cross-platform / cross-device access management. See docs for additional info.
createdtimestampTime at which the user was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.
environmentstringprod or sandbox.
Use sandbox environment for testing purpose, such as testing automation or testing at store sandbox.