The User Entitlement is access to some premium features of your application. Examples of entitlements could be:‌

  • YouTube Premium
  • Netflix Standard, Netflix Premium
  • Duolingo Plus

Most applications have only one entitlement that provides premium access.

The Object Attributes

  "active": true,
  "expires": 1654215637,
  "id": "plus",
  "product": {
    "product_id": "main",
    "subscription": {
      "current_period_type": "normal",
      "renew_state": "will_renew"
  "source": "appstore",
  "started": 1652438020
idstringThe entitlement ID. For example, premium
activebooltrue means a user has active entitlement.

Please note, active = true does not mean that a subscription will be renewed.
A user can have active entitlement, while auto-renewal for the subscription was switched off.
startedtimestampTime at which the entitlement was started. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.
expirestimestampThe expiration time for the entitlement is measured in seconds since the Unix epoch and denotes when the entitlement will no longer be available.
productobjectA product granted the entitlement.
sourcestringSource of the purchase via which the entitlement was activated.
appstore: App Store
playstore: Play Store
stripe: Stripe
unknown: unable to detect the source
manual: the entitlement was activated manually

Product attributes

product_idstringThe product identifier in Qonversion.
subscriptionstringSubscription linked to the product.
Exists only for subscription type products.

Subscription attributes

current_period_typestringPossible values:
normal: the product is in it's normal period
trial: free trial period
intro: introductory pricing period
renew_statestringA renewal state of the product. It can have the following values:
will_renew: subscription is active, and auto-renew status is on
canceled: auto-renew status is off
billing_issue: there was some billing issue.