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deleting a project from my account

Hello i would like to delete a project/app on my account, i couldnt find a way to do it in the settings Could you guide me on doing it? Thanks

I have implemented Qonversion sdk in android app , facing playStoreError in QonversionEntitlementsCallback on calling Qonversion.shared.purchase method , how to fix this error

Qonversion.shared.purchase(this, product, callback = object: QonversionEntitlementsCallback { override fun onSuccess(entitlements: Map\<String, QEntitlement>) { val premiumEntitlement = entitlements["premium"] if (premiumEntitlement != null && premiumEntitlement.isActive) { ``` ``` ``` override fun onError(error: QonversionError) { if (error.code === QonversionErrorCode.CanceledPurchase) { } } ``` })

Crash: try await Qonversion.shared().offerings()


Is it possible to have multiple subscription of the same product in one app

same as title

Problema de estado de la suscripcion.

Hola Estoy utilizando en android la biblioteca con esta version " implementation 'io.qonversion.android.sdk:sdk:5.0.2'" . El problema es que si yo me desuscribo dentro de mi aplicacion, el estado no se actualiza, sigue diciendo que el estado esta activo . Debo cerrar la aplicación para que el estado se actualice. Me gustaria que me puedan ayudar

Missing entitlements

I am working in React Native Sandbox. I have setup the product ids, etc. correctly however the entitlements object is returning as {}. Any ideas?

Delete account

Hi, I want to delete my account. How I can do that?

Getting SkuDetails as a null while displaying products

Hello, I am using qonversion for making a subscription purchase but when displaying product in flutter application it's always getting a skudetails,pretty price and other things as a null

React Native [ios] - Trial Eligibility

Hello! In sandbox - iOS, when calling the `Qonversion.getSharedInstance().checkTrialIntroEligibility` with correct product id's all intro eligibilities are returned as IntroEligibilityStatus.ELIGIBLE even when a user has consumed the trial already and / or has an active subscription.

Delete entitlement

I want to delete entitlement I created. I have 2 entitlements: 'TestPremium' and 'Premium' and wanna delete 'TestPremium' as created it occasionally. is it possible?