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Hello! We implement subscription in an application written on Flutter for IOS platform. In the Qonversion board, we created products, connected them to App Store Connect, created an offer, created permissions and added products to them. In the application I can see products with prices, try to buy -> enter the sandbox account, in the logs I get that the subscription is successful, but the permissions(entitlements) are empty. When I try to buy again, it says- that the subscription has already been purchased. (example of product purchase code) _________________________________________________________________________________________ Future<List<QProduct>> getPurchasedProducts() async { await init; try { var map = await Qonversion.getSharedInstance().checkEntitlements(); print(map); List<QProduct> products = []; for (final permission in map.values) { final product = await getProductById(permission.productId); products.add(product); } return products; } catch (e) { print(e); throw e; } } Logs 🚀 Qonversion initialized with userID: QON_50aa5551555e406a94a1798351b1be70 flutter: {} 10.3.0 - [FirebaseAnalytics][I-ACS023141] Purchase is a duplicate and will not be reported. Product ID: test_monthly_sub_product_id flutter: {} flutter: Successful purchased a product flutter: {} _______________________________________________________________________________________ In the Qonversion board monitorring, I don't see any updates or information about bought subscriptions.
Thanks in advance) 

TestFlight - Restore not working - "An unknown error has occurred."

In TestFlight, when I restore, I get the message "An unknown error has occurred." It is working fine in SandBox. In the App Delegate, I changed the line config.setEnvironment(.sandbox) to config.setEnvironment(.production). I uploaded the App for Distribution. Once, I was able to make a single purchase with TestFlight. However, the restore error message came back again. I even tried using a SandBox account in TestFlight. That didn't work either. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

iOS permission/entitlement is empty after purchase in sandbox environment

I had set config.setEnvironment(.sandbox) Info of the product is OK Purchase of the product is OK but the permission/entitlement return is empty. I tried call Qonversion.shared().checkEntitlements, also empty Qonversion.shared().restore, also empty entitlements. the qonversion id is: QON_f898216e32af47c4a4d7854746cf668d Please kindly assist

Circus Slingo

I want my withdrawals

Purchase not working in Live version

I switched environment from sendbox to production by using firebase remote config. But it was working fine in Test Flight testing & app store review version but suddenly it stoped! why? do we have any billing issue?

How do I stop a payment going through from my bank from an advert that was a on quiz planet

How do I stop a payment coming out of my Bank from quiz planet. They’ve over charged me by about £30

Cannot get permissions

The purchase via Google in app purchases was successful, but when I try to get permission, I get nothing. When I try to get a list of all my permissions, I get an empty list. I also get similar error: D/Qonversion: Thread - main queryPurchases() -> purchases cache is empty. D/Qonversion: Thread - main initRequest - success - Response{protocol=h2, code=200, message=, url=https://api.qonversion.io/v1/user/init} Please help me, this is preventing me from transferring my app to qonversion.

Qonversion.purchase onSucess not returning subscription new status

Android. Kotlin. How to check subscription status after purchase without closing and reopening Application. Qonversion.purchase onSucess not returning subscription new status after purchace complited. Is it normal behavior of Qonversion? Thank you.

Base plan - offer in Google Play subscription

Hello. I would like to provide users with special discount for a limited period of time. What I am trying is: 1. Create Subscription in Google Play Console 2. Add base plan with normal price - backward compatible 3. Add offer and phase with discounted price - backward compatible 4. Set offer inactive at offer ending date manually But getOfferings always retrieves base plan price, not discounted offer price.

Automation push notifications doesn't work in Unity app

Documentation is not clear for the automation push notifications in Unity SDK. There is only fragments in Objective-C and Swift. We added Qonversion Launcher to GameObject, set the Debug Mode and pasted Project Key into this script. We used built in Mobile Notifications plugin to get Device Token and set it with Qonversion.SetNotificationToken(). We added pushes into Automation window, wich must show up upon subscribtion buying/cancelling, but they are not woking even though we get analitycs about this events. Test pushes also doesn't work, even though the devices are on the list. IEnumerator RequestAuthorization() { var authorizationOption = AuthorizationOption.Alert | AuthorizationOption.Badge; using (var req = new AuthorizationRequest(authorizationOption, true)) { while (!req.IsFinished) { yield return null; }; Debug.Log($"TOKEN : {req.DeviceToken}"); Qonversion.SetNotificationsToken(req.DeviceToken); Qonversion.SetAdvertisingID(); } }