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Issue with Qonversion SDK when using Hilt and WorkManager

Dear Qonversion SDK Team,

I'm currently developing an Android application where I'm using Dagger Hilt for dependency injection and WorkManager for background tasks. I've encountered an issue when I include the following line in my AndroidManifest.xml for my worker:



When this line is present in my manifest file, I’m unable to retrieve the list of products from Qonversion SDK. However, if I remove this line, I can fetch the product list without any issues. But WorkManager throw exception...

I understand that the InitializationProvider is used for initializing components at app startup and is required by WorkManager. But it seems to be causing conflicts with Qonversion SDK.

Could you please provide some guidance on how to resolve this issue? Is there a specific configuration or setup that I need to follow when using Qonversion SDK with Hilt and WorkManager?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Usama