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Run multiple experiments on one user

Hi, I need an help by understanding if I can run multiple experiments on one user.
In my app I have 4 different paywalls:
• Free trial
• Discount one
• Discount two
• 50% discount
Each user can see more than one of these paywalls and each paywall has 3 different variants.
For each paywall, I would like to show to every user one of the 3 variants, to understand which variant converts better.

For instance, when the user is in the Free trial Paywall, I would like to show to the user one of the variants of that paywall.
When the user decide to no subscribe by hitting the "X" button, I'll show a new paywall screen with a discount, and also in this case I have to show one of the variants of this paywall.

Is it possible to do something like that?
I'm using Flutter as framework to develop my app.

Best regards.