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Will detaching a user from experiment in code automatically keep the 50/50 balance of the experiment?

Hi, we want to run an experiment with two different paywalls. We only want to test it on free users, but we have another way of purchasing a subscription other than Qonversion. We have an option to manually detach a user from the experiment in code based on some parameters from the database but will that keep the 50/50 balance between the variants?

For example, if we have "Variant 1" with 500 users and "Variant 2" with 500 users. Let's say we detach 100 users from "Variant 1", will Qonversion automatically equalize the users across both variants and send both variants to 450 users each, or will "Variant 1" have 500 users and "Variant 2" 400 users after manually detaching?