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iOS subscriptions and own userbase

Hello guys

I'm trying to setup subscriptions for my iOS app and this is a terrible mess because of Apple restrictions etc...

My app is actually only iOS based, but there will probably be its web-app equivalent later. Plus, I have some B2B customers so we'll use Stripe for them.

I have my own User base, so the logged in user does not necessarily correspond to the AppStore user (this is a professional app, so users often use their pro email, and some companies might have a shared account etc...)

As we are obligated by Apple to use their own subscription system, I'm a bit stuck and want to use Conversion to handle all that work but:

  • If a user A purchased a license on its phone, then logged out, and user B logged in on the same device, clicks on Restore purchase. Then the license will be granted to him, but will it be removed from user A ??
  • If a user A purchased a license on its phone, and is also logged on its company phone (with another AppStore account), then clicks on Restore purchase, how will it be handled?
  • If a user A purchased a monthly subscription on its phone, then one day changes to an annual subscription. The transition will be transparent and handled by Apple as there can only be a single active product for a same entitlement. But what if he switches on the (future) web app, paying with Stripe?? Will him have 2 active subscriptions at the same time?

Thank you for your help, this is really a mess to deal with...


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