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We implement subscription in an application written on Flutter for IOS platform.

In the Qonversion board, we created products, connected them to App Store Connect,
created an offer, created permissions and added products to them.
In the application I can see products with prices,
try to buy -> enter the sandbox account,
in the logs I get that the subscription is successful, but the permissions(entitlements) are empty. When I try to buy again, it says- that the subscription has already been purchased.
(example of product purchase code)

Future<List> getPurchasedProducts() async {
await init;
try {
var map = await Qonversion.getSharedInstance().checkEntitlements();
List products = [];
for (final permission in map.values) {
final product = await getProductById(permission.productId);
return products;
} catch (e) {
throw e;


🚀 Qonversion initialized with userID: QON_50aa5551555e406a94a1798351b1be70
flutter: {}
10.3.0 - [FirebaseAnalytics][I-ACS023141] Purchase is a duplicate and will not be reported. Product ID: test_monthly_sub_product_id
flutter: {}
flutter: Successful purchased a product
flutter: {}

In the Qonversion board monitorring, I don't see any updates or information about bought subscriptions.
Thanks in advance)

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